Pet Travel Services

Concern, anxiety and stress for the well-being of your best friend can seriously impact your capability of a successful relocation. Whether you are traveling regionally or internationally contact Pet Passport. So that we can embrace the task of safeguarding and tending to your furry friend’s important needs. We offer a full range of pet travel and animal travel services that will allow us to fulfill both you and your pet’s requirements.


By delivering only the finest pet travel services to our clients and your adored pets, we also offer a high standard transit service that ensures your pet is transported safely between airlines and terminals. Our pet transit service also ensures that pets are safely transferred between terminals and the vets required to evaluate pets for quarantine and/or regulation requirements.


Pet Passport’s pet travel services include kenneling, settling your pet into hygienically cleaned and comfortable kennels before or after exporting and importing. Our kenneling service gives you the peace of mind that your pet is safely afforded a brief and comfortable home until you are able to take them home.

Travel Containers & Mats Title

In its effort to protect animals during transit and transportation, Pet Passport has implemented regulation that requires certain measures regarding pet travel containers. Ensuring that your pets are provided comfortable and spacious containers with comfortable and cosy travel mats is just another one of our brilliant pet travel services.

Regional Transport

Pet Passport has the expertise that you require when you need assistance with pet transport. Our pet transport is one of our pet travel services that allows us to help you carry your pets within South Africa. From any point A to whichever point B, your pets will be comfortably and safely delivered, while we worry about the paperwork and documents needed for regional flights.

Pet Export

Our most sought after pet travel services is that of pet exportation. Assisting you and your family of making that big step of relocating overseas (even if only temporary), Pet Passport will custom-fit its pet exportation so that each of your pets receives a unique, personalized service.

Ensuring that your pet is comfortable throughout its journey is an additional benefit after our service of assuring that the correct documentation is in order. From export permits, which requirements change from country to country, to making sure that your pet is properly quarantined, you can rest assured that your ‘child’ will be safe come arrival.

Pet Import

Just as you’d expect to be able to travel safely overseas with your beloved pets, so should you expect to return home with them. If your pets are travelling from abroad to South Africa, then ensure that they are placed in our capable hands.

We will ethically care for your pets on their journey to sunny South Africa, while ensuring that the necessary documentation and paper work fulfils the South African criteria. By working with one of our international agents we will assure you that your pet will arrive safe as well as happy at your door.

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