Years of Pet Transportation Experience

With over 27 years of experience in pet transportation and pet travel it seems a lifetime ago that we started exporting and importing pets both regionally and internationally.

With so many years of expertise behind our backs, it’s a testament toward the hard work that we do at present; professional pet transportation and the promise to customers that not only will their pets be transported safely, but that the entire process will be delivered hassle-free.

Pet Transportation by the book

Pet Passport assures all its clients that we follow the strictest measures and codes of conduct, certifying that all pets, both big and small, will be looked after and handled with the utmost care and respect. Pet Passport goes above-and-beyond the regular guidelines and rules, making sure that your pet is not only delivered safely to its destination, but without travel-induced shock and anxiety.

Pet Passport adheres to the regulations of both national and international policy regarding the transportation of animals.

Our affiliates provides Pet Passport with an extensive database of pet transportation specialists around the globe. With agents abroad we can assist you with the import and export of your pet from virtually anywhere in the world. Our agents and affiliates are expertly picked by Pet Passport for their experience and their aptitude to care for animals.

For your peace mind

Pet Passport will willingly assist you through the entire process. We will also explain and notify you of the developments that occur throughout the pet transportation procedure so that you are always ‘in the loop’ concerning the whereabouts of your beloved pets.

We will provide you with illustrations regarding the comfortably-customised containment for your pets, and will walk you through the method of import/export as well as kenneling and inter-terminals and airline transit.

Ensure that your loved one receives the best treatment and care in what is a stressful moment of pet relocation.

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on service excellence. Pet Passport /Animal Travel provides only the best possible care for your beloved pets. This is shown through the track record we have created over the past 27 years in animal travel service.

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